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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer that has spread from his abdomen to his buttocks, and other parts of his body. He will begin chemotherapy in a few days, Dr. Zane Cohen, announced Wednesday (Sept. 17).

The specific type of cancer, malignant liposarcoma, is found in fatty tissues and most commonly affects patients over the age of 40. Ford is 45.

Reports the Toronto Star:

Cohen would not say what the chances are of a full recovery. He said he is “optimistic” about the treatment. Ford’s tumour is “fairly aggressive,” he said, and has likely been present for two or three years.

Cohen, speaking at a news conference at Mount Sinai Hospital, said Ford will receive chemotherapy for three days, then have an 18-day “washout period.” He said he is not sure if Ford’s treatment will eventually involve radiation or surgery.

Ford, who withdrew from the mayoral election on Friday, was hospitalized a week ago. He is now a council candidate in Ward 2 (Etobicoke North).

Ford, 45, said earlier in the week that he was vomiting and in pain. He suggested his condition was dire, telling the Toronto Sun, “I guess the good Lord wants me somewhere else.”

Doug Ford (Open Doug Ford’s policard) replaced his younger brother on the mayoral election ballot. He has not yet formally begun campaigning.

“It’s a tough day,” he said in brief remarks outside Mount Sinai earlier on Wednesday.

Doug Ford, brother Randy Ford, mother Diane Ford, and the mayor’s wife Renata Ford visited the mayor in the hospital ahead of the announcement.

“We have a lot of faith in the doctors and we have a lot of faith in God,” Renata Ford said.


As mayor of  North America’s fifth largest city, Ford made an international name for himself after he was allegedly recorded buying crack. He denied it at first, and made daily headlines with outrageous antics –like that time he told the world about orally pleasuring his wife.


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