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JJ Abrams has been having a whale of a time directing Star Wars: Episode VII and he’s managed to leak some news in between the fun.

According to i09’s keen timeline of events, Batman V Superman director Zack Synder playfully jabbed at the Star Wars production by posting a picture of the Man of Steel holding a lifesaber. From there, a Twitter war of supreme fictional dominance ensued over the course of several weeks.

On September 13, Synder seemingly had the last laugh by posting a pic of the Gotham Police Department taking a Stormtrooper into custody but Abrams is a master of killing two birds with one blow of the Force.

Taking matters to his Bad Robot YouTube account, Abrams uploaded a 30-second clip of the full Millennium Falcon. Midway through the clip, the music switched to the The Dark Knight theme and showcased the massive starship holding to the Batmobile tumbler from the most recent films.

Very well played. Flip through the gallery below to see the chain of comic book events as they have happened thus far.

Photo: YouTube/Bad Robot

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