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A letter has surfaced on the Internet from Alfamega to T.I. The letter is dated Wednesday July, 22 and in it the former “Grand Hustle Muscle” defends his character that has been severely tarnished with rumors of being a DEA informant. He begins, saying that he did not appreciate the public exile from Grand Hustle he received in May.

“Look I understand that business is business therefore you have to manage yours the way you see fit. On the real I’m not coming at you as a disgruntled crying assed Beyotch who’s mad about being let go. I’m coming to you as a man who is disappointed that he was publicly exiled by a friend. You’ve often said that you’re a man of your word but hommie; you are not being true to your words. Instead you’re trying to play me like I’m a pawn in your own personal game of chess.”

He continues on and gives examples of times when he defended T.I, citing an altercation with DTP and the infamous Shawty Lo altercation at the Dirty Awards. He also claims that he defended TIP when people were calling him a snitch.

“I was the first person you called when you got in that altercation in LA with Shaka’s DTP people…At one time a lot of people were questioning how you got that one year and a day so the word in the streets was that you were a snitch. I went off in those same streets for you. Shawty Lo dropped a song that had a verse in it disrespecting you and your wife. I stood up for you and went off when he disrespected you at the dirty awards….I did that for you and your wife…”

The letter ends with him still claiming TIP as his friend and vowing to continue to defend him.

“I will never disrespect you, your family or anyone close to you. Even more I will still not allow anyone to disrespect you; even the dudes trying to side with me by disrespecting you on my behalf. Because when the dust settles, I will still respect you and consider you my friend.”

The letter, which can be seen below, is complete with a signature from Cedric Zellers, a.k.a. Alfamega.

He recently made headlines after releasing a song called “I Apologize” sparking speculation that the song was directed towards T.I. He quickly squashed that rumor with a statement from his representative saying:

““It had nothing to do with T.I. in no way, shape or fashion. I Apologize’ was recorded earlier this year before any of the current situations came about. Alfa is out of jail. He is still recovering from his injuries and working to the best of his abilities right now.”

Alfamega was injured in April after allegedly jumping off a 25-foot parking garage running from police, although he claims he was pushed. T.I. officially released him from Grand Hustle in May after rumors circulated about him being a DEA Informant.

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