Hip-Hop once had very stringent unsaid rules regarding how to carry yourself. Over the years the culture has become a wild west of sorts with no real reprimand for biting, struggle bars and collaborating with known pedophiles. Snitching though, is still a big no no.

The road to rap stardom is paved with pitfalls, false promises and blown expectations. The slightest misstep could mean a lost chance at a record deal, or a ruined career. Struggle rappers excel at making such mistakes, repeatedly.

Alfamega’s sporadic years in Hip-Hop are set to be brought to life in the pages of a book. As previously reported Grand Hustle’s former muscle recently suffered an unfortunate tragedy after learning that his daughter had been injured in a stabbing at T.I.’s Club Crucial. Before that his name was sullied and dragged through the […]

Alfamega’s children were injured during an altercation at T.I.’s Club Crucial in Atlanta this past Holiday weekend. Alfamega’s daughter suffered multiple stab wounds and his son suffered a broken jaw. The altercation took place on Christmas Eve when his daughter was attacked and his son stepped in to help. The girl was rushed to the […]

The summer of 2009 will go down as one for the record books. Rumors and hearsay has given way to backstabbing and animosity as some the games most promising acts have found themselves in life altering positions, with most of them being for the worst. One such artist is Cedric Zellars, known to the world […]

A YouTube video surfaced Monday showing Alfamega claiming his innocence once again. Just a week after Cedric Zellers released a letter he wrote to T.I. in jail, he’s back, this time to deny the validity of the DEA Documents discovered by The Smoking Gun. The Smoking Gun released court documents that exposed the rapper as […]

A letter has surfaced on the Internet from Alfamega to T.I. The letter is dated Wednesday July, 22 and in it the former “Grand Hustle Muscle” defends his character that has been severely tarnished with rumors of being a DEA informant. He begins, saying that he did not appreciate the public exile from Grand Hustle […]

Alfamega is denying that his new song is directed at T.I. Over the weekend a song by the ex- Grand Hustle rapper was released called “I Apologize.” A statement was released as well explaining the intentions of the song. “This song, is an apology to anyone from age 8 to 80, that’s affiliated with or […]