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Hip-Hop once had very stringent unsaid rules regarding how to carry yourself. Over the years the culture has become a wild west of sorts with no real reprimand for biting, struggle bars and collaborating with known pedophiles. Snitching though, is still a big no no.

To the surprise of many, and including us at Hip-Hop Wired, paperwork alleging activist Reverend Al Sharpton was a federal informant hit the internet earlier this week. Sharpton, who has publicly fought for justice in numerous high profile court cases, promptly responded to the allegations.

Whether or not the Reverend with the golden perm is being honest or not, he will forever wear a snitch jacket in the eyes of the public. But this is not the first and most likely not the last time someone with even a remote connection to Hip-Hop will be labeled a rat.

Since the definition of being a snitch has been distorted over years, we present 9 rappers who have cooperated with law enforcement.

Let us know who you think who was the biggest offender in the comments section.

Photo: CBS

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