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The summer of 2009 will go down as one for the record books. Rumors and hearsay has given way to backstabbing and animosity as some the games most promising acts have found themselves in life altering positions, with most of them being for the worst. One such artist is Cedric Zellars, known to the world as Alfamega, epitomizes the aforementioned scenario better than any other as exploits of his disloyalty and treachery have turned the world of Hip-Hop upside down.

Once known as the “Grand Hustle Muscle,” Zellars was ousted from Grand Hustle by his former friend, boss, and mentor, TI, for disobeying one of the street’s most important codes by “snitching.” No one totally knew the extent to which he worked with Federal authorities, with Alfa denying official documents surfacing describing many of his exploits and motives; that is, until now.

Ali Baaqar, one of Atlanta’s biggest street figures and a legend in the Southern dope trade, has surfaced to throw another log on the flame that has engulfed Alfa, confirming revelations given via official case documents that depict the supremely mediocre rapper as nothing less than the stool pigeon that he really is.

“I was in a big conspiracy case with the Nicky Gentleman’s Club around 96, 95,” explained Baaqar. “I had one trial, got acquitted on the first trial…Then the Feds tried me again on the same change but what they did was bought more co-conspirators in there to say I was already a drug dealer.  I go back to court and this guy name, I don’t even know his (street name), I know him by Cedric Zellars. He comes up and says I sold dope to him during 95’, never seen the guy before… He got on the stand and literally just lied and said he bought dope from me. I don’t know him.”

Baaqar’s statements directly contradict Alfa’s address to the public via Youtube where the disgraced glorified body guard told the world,

“I ain’t never snitched on nobody…I ain‘t never snitched on dude, I lied on this dude.”

Check out footage of Alfa getting his card pulled below: