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A YouTube video surfaced Monday showing Alfamega claiming his innocence once again. Just a week after Cedric Zellers released a letter he wrote to T.I. in jail, he’s back, this time to deny the validity of the DEA Documents discovered by The Smoking Gun. The Smoking Gun released court documents that exposed the rapper as a DEA informant in May. The documents led to his demise with his former label, Grand Hustle and ultimately made him an abomination to Hip-Hop.

In the YouTube video he is sitting in a car talking directly in a camera. He shows his two broken legs stemming from an alleged push from police off a 25-foot parking garage in April and most importantly wastes no time claiming that the documents are fake.

So if they documents aren’t real, then where did they come from? According to Alfamega, “Someone typed them up.”

“Whoever sent that document out, somebody typed it up from something and put something together.”

Right. Most importantly, he once again stresses and denies being a snitch but this time he admits to being a liar. Alfamega admits that he blatantly lied on convicted drug dealer Ali Baaqar to receive 18 months taken off his 110 month federal gun sentence.

“A lot of people don’t pay attention…they read but they don’t understand…let’s get it right, right now. I didn’t know Ali, don’t know Ali to the day, on the real never did any business with Ali. They put the pressure on me, wasn’t the government or nobody like that. They put the pressure on me to lie on this dude. It was up to me to either play the hand that I was dealt or fold. If I played the hand I was dealt, I’m looking at 30, 40…if I fold, I’m still in the game. So I went ahead on and folded. From the time I did it, I was remorseful about it because basically I ain’t snitched on the dude. I lied on this dude. Didn’t know this dude, and I was young at the time. I’m being honest with y’all, Imma keep it real. My strongest and my weakest points have always been my loyalty. I was loyal to somebody that made me lie on somebody. They used my loyalty against me.”

He then continues on saying that the situation reminds him of his situation with T.I. and calls himself a “pawn” in T.I.’s chess game. He said the same thing in his letter to T.I. last Wednesday:

“You’ve often said that you’re a man of your word but hommie; you are not being true to your words. Instead you’re trying to play me like a pawn in your own personal game of chess.”

The “pawn in T.I.’s personal game of chess” made sure to reiterate the most important statement and reason for the video.

“What you didn’t know is that I never snitched on nobody…never have, never will.”

You can check out the video for yourself here.