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Alfamega’s children were injured during an altercation at T.I.’s Club Crucial in Atlanta this past Holiday weekend. Alfamega’s daughter suffered multiple stab wounds and his son suffered a broken jaw.

The altercation took place on Christmas Eve when his daughter was attacked and his son stepped in to help. The girl was rushed to the hospital with three stab wounds and a punctured lung.

Both children have since been released from the hospital.

Alfamega confirmed the unfortunate circumstance to .

He tells the publication that he spoke to T.I.’s uncle, Uncle Derrick about the incident.

According to Mega, the parties involved had no idea those were his children therefore retaliation wouldn’t be necessary.

“I had a talk with Tip’s uncle Derrick, who co-owns Club Crucial.  I was like ‘my daughter got stabbed up there dog and my son got his jaw fractured. He ‘was like huh? I didn’t know that.’ They didn’t know, they people they got into it with didn’t know they were my children. I was told that my children wasn’t in the wrong. ….I straight up told the dudes there wouldn’t be any street retaliation behind it…..and I don’t want no street retaliation of violence. It’s a new year. And all in a nutshell they didn’t know. I would look at it different if they knew they was my children. And I don’t wish that upon nobodies children.”

While T.I. and Alfamega had that infamous falling out in ’09 for being a suspected informant, it’s nice to see Mega’s not pointing fingers at Tip and keeping the peace.