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Akin to several other celebrity women, Gabrielle Union was victimized by the infamous nude scandal known as The Fappening. However, there are a collective gathering of folks who see it differently.

Although her Twitter account has been left barren since the incident, the newlywed basked in her happiness with a wedding photo and response to the leaked photos on Instagram yesterday evening.

“The walk…To love … I leave behind fear, judgement, scorn…,” she posted. “I will not be shamed, lectured on what I “deserve” or what I have “coming to me”… I’m a lot of things but careless, ignorant, gullible or a deviant, I am not. Love to those who have shown me love…God Bless #tbt #happy #andthebeatgoeson #whosewatchinScandaltonight #gladiatorsstandup.”

Her posting was a direct response to the increasing amount of slander she’s been receiving after her private moment(s) went public. Maybe fans miscontrue her real-life persona with the seedy characters she portrays on TV…or they just simply don’t like her. At any rate, she and her husband Dwyane Wade have requested the services of the FBI over the matter.

Peep why she responded in the gallery below. Be warned; it’s a no chill zone.

Photos: Instagram/Gabrielle Union, Twitter, FayesVision/

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