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The United States Secret Service isn’t looking like the elite law enforcement team that’s supposed to protect President Barack Obama and the First Family. Along with the recent White House fence jumper incident, agents allowed an armed ex-con to ride an elevator with Mr. Obama just days prior.

A pair of Washington outlets, The Washington Post and The Washington Examiner reported on this latest reported gaffe, adding to a string of embarrassing episodes within the Secret Service.

From the Examiner:

A man with a gun that the Secret Service did not know about rode in an elevator with President Obama during his visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta on Sept. 16.

The previously undisclosed breach, confirmed by two sources familiar with the case, raises new questions about the agency’s ability to protect the president.

The incident, which took place three days before an intruder jumped a fence and sprinted inside the White House, involved a failure in Secret Service advance work to prevent an armed man from coming into close proximity with Obama while he was visiting the CDC to receive a briefing about the Ebola threat.

The threat to the president appeared minimal, but the incident alarmed agents on site and exposes a breakdown in several important Secret Service security protocols, the sources say.

The story broke yesterday, just as Secret Service director Julia Pierson faced the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for a grueling three hours. The release of this latest snafu has angered lawmakers, including Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings who said on MSNBC Wednesday morning he is angered at the lax attitude of the Secret Service and does not have confidence in Pierson as its director.

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