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South Park  added Aunt Jemima to the mix last night, and it worked out pretty well.  Auntie J became a trending topic for the first time in her syrupy life. 

Wednesday’s (Oct. 1) episode, titled “Gluten Free Ebola,” was centered around Mr. Mackey’s (and America’s)  obsession with living a gluten-free lifestyle, and they used a deadly disease to get the point across. The gluten fad was likened to the Ebola outbreak, but the actual episode itself was more about gluten than the fever that made it’s way to the U.S. this week, and has ravaged through West Africa since February.

In this case, the people of  South Park were quarantined as  health officials — dressed in full protective gear– went door to door looking for gluten. Later, Cartman had a dream where Aunt Jemima came to him with pancakes, and  told him to turn the food Pyramid upside down. Her idea basically helped him save the world.


Oh, and Lorde got spoofed too.

Click the gallery to read some Twitter elation over Aunt Jemima’s short-lived T.V. gig.

Photos: Twitter/ Screenshot

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