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While the Dodgers were busy edging the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 2 of the National League Division Series, there was a different kind of intense of sporting event taking place in the heart of Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The Game invited his friends and family out to X Lanes in Downtown L.A.’s Little Tokyo subdivision to experience the ambiance that is Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf. The flagship project for Blood Money Entertainment packs all the lyrical ferocity and deafening beats you come to expect from a Game project–compilation style. Over the course of twenty tracks, notable Hip-Hop celebrities such as 2 Chainz, Jeezy and Bobby Schmurda make standout appearances. However, Game never fails to remind listeners that his skills as a certified MC always rise to the forefront, as he his deflecting paranoia “Trouble On My Mind,” the crowd favorite “Or Nah” or really flexing versatility with Skeme on “Mad Flows.”

Throughout the evening, Game was simply content in seeing the ladies present inadvertently rock to the soundtrack on repeat and all the fellas allow it to put them in a comfort zone. The West Coast rap kingpin posted up at the furthest left lane of the bowling alley with the Blood Money inner circle of Tayde, Cash, J-Rock and Damo. In between hitting strikes in his crimson Air Jordan XIII’s, Game tells Hip-Hop Wired how quality is the most important aspect to him when it comes to this particular release.

“At this point in my career, [it’s all about] making music, man,” the OG Chuck Taylor confidently admitted. I done f*****d all the b******s I’m going to f**k; had all the kids I’m going to have, so at this point, it’s all about enjoying putting homies on and letting people breathe on these beats and just giving it to these fans.”

Flip through the gallery below to see how the event played out. Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf hits digital retailers on October 14 and can be pre-ordered here.

Photos: Hip-Hop Wired, Instagram/Garchild

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