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A New Jersey high school football’s teams egregious and asinine hijinks in the form of rectal hazing has led to the cancellation of their season.

Reports Raw Story:

The parent of one Sayreville High School player told NJ Advance Media that a senior player would signal the start of the hazing by howling, and other players shut off the locker room lights.

A group of players then would subdue a freshman, lift him to his feet, and a senior player would force a finger into the younger teen’s rectum, reported The Star-Ledger – and sometimes the senior would shove that same finger into the freshman’s mouth.

Police have launched a criminal investigation into the claims, and the school superintendent said the alleged abuse violated the state’s anti-bulling statute.

Ya think?

After initially forfeiting a game last week, the entire season is a wash. Also, hazing wasn’t the team’s only struggle.

Superintendent Richard Labbe told the newspaper the hazing “took place on a pervasive level, on a wide-scale level, and at a level in which the players knew, tolerated, and in general accepted.”

Sayreville initially forfeited a game last week after police were tipped off Oct. 1 to the alleged abuse.

An assistant coach, Charles Garcia, was arrested in an unrelated case for steroids possession, and he resigned Friday.

The superintendent then decided Monday to cancel all the team’s remaining games – a decision that upset many parents in the football-mad town that was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

All those involves need to be punished since clearly not everyone on the team partook in this outlandish behavior. Although it is unfair for those not involved, it’s best the team take the year off.

But seriously, sticking your finger in your teammate’s… Bruh…

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