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It appears that Lil Twist predated Tyga’s latest disgruntled Young Money employee complaint with a gripe of his own.

The longtime label stalwart seems to have a clear-cut reason as to why he’s never dropped an album and in true rapper fashion, he’s blaming the people around him.

“I swear I gotta have the worst management team in the history of management teams,” he angrily typed to begin his Twitter rant. “Like wow this sh*t crazy. All I wanna do is drop music.” Although it’s unclear how much personnel Twist interacts (or in this case, attempts) interacts with on the daily basis, but his Facebook page lists Young Money boss Cortez Bryant as his manager.

The 21-year-old Texas native’s outburst seems to stem from the label’s failure to properly release his Golden Child 2 mixtape with DJ Drama on time. It was slated to drop on the first of October, but 11 days later, Twist has resorted to promoting it with a “Coming Soon” caption. Speaking of promotion, Twist also directed some angry energy at club promoters in Dallas for their alleged scrupulous ways.

Check out the detailed rant in the gallery below. The struggle within Lil Wayne’s camp continues.

H/T: DJ Vlad

Photos: Instagram/Lil Twist, Twitter

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