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The NBA’s most winnest coach of all-time is far removed from his playing days but he still knows a few things about taking shots.

Phil Jackson was front and center at the New Yorker Festival in Manhattan yesterday (October 12) when New York Knick ultimate fan Spike Lee came up in the series of questions. According to ESPN, the Knicks president couldn’t resist the need to throw a playful barb in the filmmaker’s direction.

“As most people know, Spike is an avid Knick fan that doesn’t know anything about basketball,” Jackson reportedly said, getting a crowd response filled with laughter. “He knows how someone makes a shake and bake move and might dazzle the fans and make a shot.”

Lee is currently developing a documentary for the Madison Square Garden Network titled What Is the Triangle Offense: A Spike Lee Orange and Blue Skies Joint, which chronicles the secret of Jackson’s success as he earned world championships with the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Pro Basketball Talk has learned that the hour-long film will air later this month on the aforementioned network.

The reporters didn’t hold back in their questions and Jackson happily answered every last one of them, including whether Carmelo Anthony would be required to experiment with LSD like the former coach admitted to in his younger years. He simply quipped, “No, it’s not one of the prerequisites.”

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