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Azalea Banks wants to know why the “white media” didn’t come save her back when T.I. threatened to throw her down a flight of stairs, but defended Iggy Azalea in this Snoop Dogg thing.

Not that what Tip said was appropriate, but she failed to mention that she actually started their little social media war by disrespecting his wife. Maybe she forgot about that part.

Banks  tweeted out her worries today, after Snoop caught the public side-eye for going a little too hard on Azalea. “Where was the white media when T.I. threatened to push me down the stairs though?” asked Banks

She went on to throw more shots and Tip, along with the “dynamics of the urban media” and “urban world.”

For whatever reason, it has now become the responsibility of “white” and “urban” media to side with her in arguments that she usually starts herself.

To her credit though, Banks does raise a mildly interesting question about the disparities in the way in which media covers stories based on race. Not a new argument, but enough to get people talking.

Check the tweets below.


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