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DJ Whutevva is using his skill, perseverance and love for music to his advantage, taking the New York Hip-Hop scene by storm. After attending Hofstra University where he culminated skills,this master of the mix used his experience and tenacity at a chance internship to follow his dream. This  Power 105 DJ sat down with HipHopWired to tell us what makes him different, when you can catch him on the airwaves and how he went from being an intern to the ideal situation of a lifetime.

Origin:  Bronx, New   York

Current Location: Bronx, New York

1. All Night Long-Drake

2. It all falls down-Jadakiss

3. Steady Mobbin-Young Money

4. Stop the party-Busta Rhymes

5. All I want is you-Miguel

6. Find your love-Drake

7. If it ain’t about Money-Fat Joe

8. Hard in the paint-Waka Flocka

9. Body Ya-Fabolous

10. All I know-Gist

HipHopWired: Take me back and tell me a bit about how you got your start.

DJ Whutevva: In college I was DJ-ing and doing events and once I graduated I kept it going.

HipHopWired: What school did you go to?

DJ Whutevva: Hofstra.  I pretty much kept it going after college and I got an internship at the radio station that I work for now, Power 105, I pretty much just kept it going until they noticed I was doing good things and gave me a shot on the radio.

HipHopWired: So how long have you been at Power now?

DJ Whutevva: I’ve been on-air DJing there for about a year.

HipHopWired: What time is your spot?

DJ Whutevva: I’m on Friday nights from 2am-4am.

HipHopWired: Besides Power, where else do you DJ?

DJ  Whutevva: Outside of the clubs, I’m real heavy in the colleges in New York and across the East Coast.  That’s one of my big things, these colleges and stuff like that, colleges and high schools, I do a lot of the younger events.  Other than that, I’m on Music Choice as well on television, that’s pretty big as well.

HipHopWired: On Music Choice, does it vary what time you’re on or is there a specific time?

DJ Whutevva: It comes on different channels on cable television high up in the stations.  It’s straight music and it’s across the country, I come on probably like twice a day, either on MC Mixtape Channel and then Throwback Jams, so I do 90’s mixes for them and current hip hop and R&B mixes as well.

HipHopWired: Looking back, what really made you want to get into DJing?  Did you see some DJ’s that you wanted to be like or was it something that just came to you one day?

DJ Whutevva: Yeah, while I was in high school a friend took me by a friend of his’ house and I saw these guys DJ-ing and I saw the vinyl all over the bed and then I just asked my mother, because Christmas was coming up, to buy me a set of turntables and she said cool.  It just started out as a hobby, something I loved to do while I was in college and then I started realizing how much money I could make out of this and said “Oh yeah, this could be my 9-5.  I’m good, I’m not going to no office.”  (Laughs) That’s how that ended up happening.  Originally it was a hobby until I got good and then once I started doing my internship at the radio station I started being around legends like Red Alert and Marley Marl, that just really took it through the roof like “Yeah, I got to do this”.

HipHopWired: How long were you an intern before you got put on?

DJ Whutevva: I was an intern in 2004 and kind of just went from an intern to harassing them to hire me for the street team.  My thing was I needed to keep a foot in the door, I didn’t care if they needed me to sweep the bathroom floor, it didn’t even matter.  I went from intern in 2004, to by 2005 working on the street team, then from that I had started doing some production and then finally got the opportunity to finally start mixing.  I was mixing for awhile for them just on Mixer Weekend, so I say a year only for my own time slot on the radio, but I was mixing for them for a couple years before that.

HipHopWired: Do you ever do any concerts with any artists?

DJ Whutevva: Yeah, I haven’t spun for any specific artists, but I’ve done concerts  with artists where I was like a DJ at the actual concert.

HipHopWired: Who are some of those artists?

DJ Whutevva: Wyclef, Mobb Deep, Mary J. Blige, and then groups like Good Charlotte.

HipHopWired: Oh, so you like the rock groups too?

DJ Whutevva: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I do it all.  Money’s green from all angles.  Hip hop and R&B is what I grew up on, but I dabble in it all.   You don’t turn down no gig, I need that money.

HipHopWired: Let’s talk about mixtapes, what’s the last mixtape you put out?

DJ Whutevva: Yeah I just put out one 2 days ago, it’s called @DJ Whutevva Vol. 1.

HipHopWired: Tell me more about it, what are some songs you have on there?

DJ Whutevva: The first one is by my artist Gist that I’m dealing with.  He’s unsigned so we’re trying to make some things happen.  We actually have a mixtape coming out next month with just specifically him.  Him, me and DJ Envy is doing that.  That’s how it started out, with him, and then once you get through that track and then it’s pretty much the newest hip hop and R&B stuff, your Drakes and Omarions and Dream, all of that stuff.  It’s pretty much the songs of people that are pretty popular right now that people want that a lot of people can’t really get their hands on like that.

HipHopWired: What would you say is your overall goal for 2010? What’s something you’re really

DJ Whutevva: The name, getting my name larger than pretty much just New York. It’s real huge in New York but get the name larger than that so eventually I can brand off into other things, even being on-air personalities and things of that sort.  I don’t even care, I’ll take it to movies and all that hopefully, that’s the goal.  I think a lot of DJ’s limit themselves, I definitely don’t want to do that.

HipHopWired: What do you think, in your opinion, really separates you from other DJ’s?

DJ Whutevva: My energy, versatility and a whole bunch of things as far as just the energy, versatility and marketability, like being able to do certain stuff and venture off and things of that sort.

HipHopWired: Do you have any last words or any shout-outs you want to give?

DJ Whutevva: Shout out to everybody pretty much that supports me and continues to support me.  Everybody, the people on Twitter, Facebook, the radio, all of that stuff.

HipHopWired: If people were looking to contact you, what would be the best way?  Do you have like a Twitter, Facebook?

DJ Whutevva: Yeah, @djwhutevva on Twitter and then