Imagine drinking an entire cup of coffee, taking off the top and noticing a dead mouse at the bottom. Pretty disgusting.

Ron Monrais sees the brighter side of life though, even when a dead rodent died inside his McDonald’s coffee cup because he’s in “better shape than the mouse.”

Reports CBS Canada:

Ron Morais of Fredericton says he got more than he bargained for when he picked up a cup of coffee from a local McDonald’s restaurant on his way to work.

He was contendedly sipping his coffee that he got Monday from the Prospect Street location until he got to the bottom of the paper takeout cup.

“I always take the lid off to get my last sip of coffee.  And when I took the lid off, there was a little bit of a surprise in my coffee cup. It was a dead mouse,” Morais said.

Morais said that wasn’t all that was in the cup. He said the mouse left “a few little, shall we say, presents” at the bottom of it.

Morais then showed a few of his co-workers what he had found.

“Unless I had been there and seen Ron drink all that coffee down to the last drop, I would have been, like, ‘You’re lying,’” said one colleague, Brad Patterson.

Jennifer LaHaye, another co-worker who saw the mouse, recalls Morais’s reaction.

“’Oh my God, there’s a mouse in my coffee,’ is what he says. I turn around and look at him. The first time I looked, I actually looked and it’s really, he’s not joking,” LaHaye said.

“Like is he OK — and after that, I got green to the gills.”

Morais said the idea of drinking an entire cup of coffee with a mouse in it made him feel a little ill.

“I kind of had a little queasiness in my stomach,” he said.

McDonald’s Canada is doing damage control. The company says it makes “food safety and quality” a “top priority.”

“We have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure our guests receive the highest quality product when they visit our restaurants,” Micky D’s Canada said in a statement.

‘We take allegations involving cleanliness and sanitation very seriously. Upon learning of this situation, the local franchisee immediately began an investigation, including working closely with the local public health authority who conducted an inspection this morning following receiving a complaint. Both the local health authority and an independent inspection by a pest control company of the interior and exterior today found no evidence of any pest issues in the building.”

Photo: CBS screenshot

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