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Prank wars are something that have become routine in the development of teenagers, especially the male gender.

Many have learned the consequences of a late night filled with drinking if they fall asleep with their shoes on.

For Michael Johnson, 19, a simple prank turned into a hospital visit after he super glued his friend’s eyes and ears shut.

During a camping trip, his 17-year-old friend made the mistake of falling asleep first and Johnson leaped at the occasion.  With the intentions of simply placing glue on his cheek for his hand to get stuck, things didn’t necessarily as planned.

According to Genesee County Sheriff Gary Maha, “He emptied the entire tube of super glue on the guy’s cheek and some of it rolled down into his eye and into his ear. Of course, causing damage, and then when he woke up, the guy couldn’t open his eye, he couldn’t hear.”

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Johnson is charged with misdemeanor assault, but that could be turned into a  felony if the kid’s injuries prove to be more severe.