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The simple saying of “boys will be boys” will not serve as an excuse as routine of enjoying each others pain resulted in a boy undergoing surgery for his groin area.

David Gibbons, a 14-year-old Minnesota teen, was so injured after being part of a game of “sack tapping” that doctors had to remove one of his testicles.

That’s basically almost like losing his life when it comes to a man.

Known as “sack tapping” the game is simple; punch or forcefully tap a male friends “sack” region and watch them fall over in pain…and laugh.

Gibbons has stated that he doesn’t know how to stop the “game” and he is not the only person to have been punched in that area.

I’m sure, however, he’s the only one that last dropped the ball…literally.

And men sit and wonder why females think we’re so stupid.