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An inmate in a Florida jail is set to be reprimanded after officers say she smuggled up to 12 bags of heroin into the facility by stuffing them inside her vagina.

37-year-old Katrina Montez Wade was arrested last month with another suspect when police conducted a raid at her home and found 98 grams of crack as well 30 grams of marijuana and heroin.

After being booked into jail, prison officials declined conducting a cavity search on the woman despite being told by the other suspect that she had 50 to 100 bags of heroin hidden inside her.

Deputies were suspicious of Wade’s behavior behind bars after hearing rumors that she was dealing heroin for money and items from the facility’s commissary.

Charlotte County officials report that they found a note that read,

“Bags are 5.00$. I am nice, but also a business person.”

When prison officials questioned her, Wade gave in and pulled out a clear plastic bag containing 12 smaller green baggies from her vagina.

She also reportedly told police that she “had more originally, but used some herself along with her co-defendants while in the holding cell.”

She is facing two felony charges and a misdemeanor for the incident.