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Snoop Dogg has sponsored more beverages than a Hometown Buffet and the veteran rapper has just added one more to his career résumé refrigerator.

Cuca Fresca, the premium artisanal Brazilian cachaça, are announcing today, October 29, that Snoop is now a shareholder within their organization.

“I’m excited to partner with the good people at Cuca Fresca,” said Snoop Dogg via a press release. “I have mad love for the Brazilian people and culture, and look forward to spreading the word about cachaça and the cool vibes of the country to the US.”

Cuca Fresca CEO, Phoenix Kelly-Rappa couldn’t have been happier with the announcement, either.

“Snoop’s reputation for being on the cutting edge of what is cool combined with his dedicated fan base will help create world-wide brand awareness for Cuca Fresca,” she said. “We are thrilled to be entering into this unprecedented partnership and can’t wait to make Cuca Fresca, and cachaça, a household name.”

The phrase “Cuca Fresca” is actually a common expression amongst Brazilians that means to “have a chill vibe,” which is obviously one and the same for Snoop.

Snoop’s ties with Brazil have always ran thick since he mesmerized MTV and BET audiences with his classic “Beautiful” video shot in various locations of Rio de Janeiro.

Check the online store to see how you can try Cuca Fresca Cachaça and hit the next page to see Snoop and Kelly-Rappa celebrating their new merger.

Photos: Cuca Fresca, Facebook/Phoenix Kelly-Rappa

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