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Bobby Shmurda is riding high with his hit “Hot N*gga” still blaring over the airwaves, but he turned heads after a video of the rising star dancing for L.A. Reid and Epic Records executives surfaced.

The video was unleashed earlier this week by none other than the coon-parading website World Star Hip Hop, and featured Bobby Shmurda dancing quite enthusiastically after signing his deal with Epic this summer. In the video, the Brooklyn rapper performs all out and even drops into his now-famous “Shmoney Dance” as well.

The attendees, mostly white and largely unmoved, just stared as Shmurda ran through his routine which included tough posturing and a lot of banging on the corporate boardroom table. Only one of the Epic staff members watching the train wreck actually bobbed their heads.

Commentary about the video has been spreading far and wide, with many seemingly embarrassed by Shmurda’s antics in the clip. Dr. Boyce Watkins, a highly opinionated columnist, spoke on the incident in a recent column published by AllHipHop.

From AllHipHop:

Some of my friends thought I would be angry about the video. The truth is that I wasn’t angry, especially not at Bobby. Instead, I felt sorry for him. Bobby Shmurda is basically a kid, still learning how the world works. It won’t be a few years before he finds out that the executives at Epic were only seeking to use him. It won’t be until he’s 30 years old that he realizes that they are laughing at him under their breath. It will only be in a chance meeting with someone like Min Louis Farrakhan that Bobby will learn that he was volunteering himself to be used as a tool for the promotion of black male genocide and white supremacist thinking.

We won’t front, we enjoyed his star-making single much like a lot of people and can even see Dr. Watkins’ larger point.

But the question remains: is this still all entertainment or is Bobby Shmurda shucking and jiving for the corporate bigwigs? Perhaps, just like OG Maco proved in some recent Twitter posts, the kid has more layers underneath all the gun talk and tough bravado. Time will only tell.

Was Bobby Shmurda just doing what artists do during a big signing or was it something else? Sound off in the comments.

Photo: YouTube