Unlike most of you… I could care less about the opinions of others.. Drama doesn’t amuse me – so yes @tamarbraxton I do have a voice, just not like yours.. However my bf I can’t speak for.. We all know he has no chill. Just like everyone else out there – he has an opinion. Have you ever thought to yourself how it may feel being judged for everything you do and half the time people have no clue what is going on? You people invest so much of your time in other peoples lives and business and get mad when they have something to say back?! If you can dish it.. You gotta be able to take it.. A lot of you mistaken my quietness for stupidity, and thats fine because I don’t care what you think. Anyways- I’m not here for the drama What do you gain from the names you call me

While Breezy sat this round out, The Shade Room did catch wind that he gained a new friend and follower in Rob Kardashian, because he’s obviously still salty about losing Adrienne Bailon.

Hit the flip to see how the rest of the craziness unfolded.

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