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The police shooting death of 22-year-old Utah man Darrien Hunt has been under evaluation by the state’s Attorney’s Office. Despite an autopsy revealing that Hunt was shot six times and struck four times in the back, the officers in the case were cleared of any wrongdoing in the mater.

Last week, news of a state-issued autopsy became public which matched the findings of an independent autopsy from September. Hunt was shot and killed Sept. 10 outside a strip mall in the town of Saratoga Springs while wearing a cosplay anime costume. Officers allege Hunt charged them with a toy sword and tried to flee. The family claims that there was more at play and that the officers maliciously gunnedHhunt down. The Utah Attorney’s Office made good on its claim to conclude the investigation within a week’s time.

The Salt Lake Tribune writes:

Two Saratoga Springs police officers were justified in using deadly force when they shot and killed 22-year-old Darrien Hunt in September, Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman ruled Monday.

Hunt was shot six times by the two officers — Cpl. Matt Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson — after they responded to two 911 callers reporting a man walking with a samurai-style sword near Redwood Road and State Road 73.

Buhman said at a news conference that no criminal charges will be filed against either officer, both of whom fired a total of three shots after Hunt swung his sword at them, Buhman said. Schauerhamer then chased Hunt toward another business and fired three rounds, one of which investigators believe to be the fatal shot.

Robert Sykes, serving as an attorney for Hunt’s mother, Susan Hunt, and Karra Porter, representing Hunt’s father, Curtis Hunt, questioned the decision from the Attorney’s Office. The family collectively intend to file a civil lawsuit against Saratoga Springs.

Sykes spoke to reporters saying that there “unmistakable facts” regarding the shooting incident. In particular, Hunt being struck from behind with six bullets. One of the officers also paused to reload their weapon during the 37-second exchange.

The family also contends that Hunt, who was biracial, was shot because he was Black.

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