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With all the years and money poured into research for a cure for HIV, it’s about time the world starts seeing some positive results other than the virus itself.

Earlier today, November 4, a pair of French scientist broke new ground in what appears to be a finding of two men being miraculously cured.

Via MSN:

French scientists on Tuesday unveiled the genetic mechanism by which they believe two men were spontaneously cured of HIV, and said the discovery may offer a new strategy in the fight against AIDS.

In both asymptomatic men, the AIDS-causing virus was inactivated due to an altered HIV gene coding integrated into human cells, they wrote in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection.

This, in turn, was likely due to stimulation of an enzyme that may in future be targeted for drug treatment to induce the same response, they said.

“This finding represents an avenue for a cure,” study co-author Didier Raoult of the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) told AFP.

In both, the virus was unable to replicate due to DNA coding changes that the researchers proposed were the result of a spontaneous evolution between humans and the virus that is called “endogenisation”.

“We propose that HIV cure may occur through HIV endogenisation in humans,” they wrote. “We believe that the persistence of HIV DNA can lead to cure, and protection, from HIV.”

One of the men had been positive with HIV for 30 years and the other was diagnosed with the virus in 2011. Neither had ever reported being sick, as their T-cell count likely remained in good standing with the body.

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Photo: Temple University