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Yesterday’s high temperature in New York City was 48°F, but that didn’t stop one E Train subway rider from letting it all hang out in public.

Peter Davis, and editor for Daily Front Row fashion magazine just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time and snapped a pic of the whiskey-drinking nudist and told The New York Post all about it.

“He was just really drunk. He would swig it and then nod out. He must’ve taken four swigs in four stops,” Davis remembered. “He was oblivious. He kind of looked at me when I took the picture, but he didn’t seem to care. I think people were scared of him. The one thing people did was move away from him like he was dangerous. There were a lot of blasé New Yorkers that looked — and then looked back at their iPhone as if he wasn’t even there.”

Which, sounds exactly like the nonchalant stereotype New Yorkers are accused of having.

After the story broke, Instagram user Melanie Lazenby alerted the post with a photo showing she had seen the same man a couple of weeks prior in the park, nearly naked once again. Although he had since gotten a trendy faux-hawk haircut, his raggedy sneakers were a dead giveaway that it was the same slopbucket.

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H/T: Gothamist

Photo: Peter Davis/Twitter

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