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With more than 60 years in the comedy biz, Bill Cosby obviously knows how to take a joke. However, the 77-year-old TV legend (and his publicity team) may have underestimated the cynic capablities of Twitter users.

For no apparent reason other than to turn a perfectly good Monday afternoon upside down, the Coz gave Twitter his permission to turn on of his pictures into a meme. Mind you, the last time Bill was in the news was a couple of weeks ago when The Queen Latifah Show downplayed axing him from an appearance–following another rape allegation from years ago.

It didn’t take a social media mastermind to see what was coming next and about 95% of the memes circulated around the veteran star’s recent string of problems, which caused him to shell out millions in settlement payments.

We over here at Hip-Hop Wired respect the fact that Cosby has never been convicted of any related crimes but he (and his publicity team) brought this upon themselves.

Peep the slander the Bill Cosby memes generated in barely 20 minutes after the initial tweet.

Photo: WENN

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