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Even if choose not to get jiggy with it, there has to be a certain respect level for Russell Westbrook’s style. The Oklahoma City Thunder star may be a nursing an injury at the moment, but that’s not sidelining his unique fashion sense or the ability to present it the people.

In collaboration with JackThreads, Russ Wess #44 is shining up his existing Westbrook Frames with a limited edition Silver Series. With a tagline aimed at the “courageous and unleashed,” the wire and plastic frames come in four exclusive styles: “New York,” “California,” “Florida” and “Oklahoma” shades.

And the best part, they’re inexpensive, especially if you’re prone to “misplacing” your accessories.

But you the pre-ordering has begun and the supplies are in the limited quality to preserve their exclusivity. Hit the gallery below to peep the various flavors and cop over at JackThreads.

Photos: Westbrook Frames, JackThreads

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