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If there’s a subject to be discussed, leave it to 50 Cent to give some real quotes. During a recent interview with Fashionista, the G-Unit rapper explained why he feels the fashion industry aren’t keen on letting Kanye West into their world.

Fif first spoke on the matter with XXL back in January, stating “It’s not something that just happens. It’s like — they’re not gonna allow you to tomorrow wake up, and say ‘This idea, that idea. This idea and I’m in and I’m hot.”

When phrased like that, 50 Cent’s opinion makes a lot of sense. But he further elaborated his views when speaking with the fashion mag.

“There are really talented people [already in the business] and it kind of irks them that the person who’s been receiving the opportunity — that they really want and have been working, preparing for it for a long time — just comes out of somewhere else,” the rapper told Fashionista.

West, however, has put in more work than the average musician trying to increase his/her revenue stream with a new business venture. Seeing as though the G.O.O.D. Music frontman interned with Italian fashion brand Fendi, one could say that he’s done the proper education, pun intended.

In a very 50 Cent kind of way, the Queens, NY native saluted West’s recent successes in fashion (including his A.P.C. capsule collection).

“Well, I think it’s niche,” he said. “Maybe I’ll go back into something that’s a little more niche and not so mass for the clothing. I think it’s interesting when you make wild choices and I have people who are supportive because they are actually into those ideas, instead of with trend cool.”

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