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We’re living in a time where riding public transportation is just as volatile as the open streets.

The latest round of madness comes out of New York City (again) when a bus driver engaged in a heated exchanged with a 16-year-old boy who didn’t want to pay for his trip across town.

Via Gothamist:

The (NSFW) video of the encounter begins with the Q112 driver telling the boy, “The only way you’re getting out is through the fucking window.”

“You drive a bus! What the fuck is wrong with you?” the boy responds, adding, “If I was a grown man, you’d be doing this?”

“If you was a grown man you’d have paid your fucking fare!” the driver retorts.

According to the Daily News, the boy is 16-year-old Kobe Vaughn. After the driver shoved Vaughn off his bus, the teenager allegedly threw a trash can at the door, damaging it. He is charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief. The driver has not been charged.

An MTA spokesman said that the incident is under investigation. A transit source told the paper, “He’s done. There’s no way he’s getting out of that one.”

Watch the NYC bus driver teen fight again. Let us know who you feel was in the wrong (if not both) in the comment section below.

Photo: YouTube