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Dr. Dre’s Beats empire has added a new product to the fold with its new Solo2 Wireless headphones.

Like the name suggests, the new on-ear headphones are basically the popular Solo2 headphones minus the wires. Instead, Bluetooth tech streams yours sounds up to 30 feet from the base and it will let you tale phonecalls, too. You get 12 hours of play on a charge and if that’s not possible you can plug in via the RemoteTalk cable and listen to your grooves.

The Solo2 Wireless headphones come in red, black, white, and blue, will set you back $299.95 and are already available via Beats. If you’re looking for a red pair, those will be available at Verizon stores.

Check out detailed images of the Beats Solo2 Wireless in the following pages.

Photo: Beats/Apple

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