Don’t get us a wrong; the streets still have love for Lil’ Kim’s Rap legacy. But our collective side eye has been locked on her since the late 90’s and you know why.

While the former Junior Mafia member isn’t looking that bad currently, she has had her really bad days and her plastic surgery is to blame.

Did she feel she wasn’t pretty enough? Was it society’s idea of beauty that installed self doubt? Or was it solely based on advancing her career? Regardless of the answer in her head we just want the old Kim back.

So we present 8 photos that details Lil’ Kim’s plastic surgery struggles. Were you aware that Moguldom Studios has a new documentary titled Knifed Up that details this growing fascination of cosmetic surgery within the African American culture?

Learn more about, or buy or rent, Knifed Up here.

Photo: WENN

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