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Roger Goodell is getting good at making decisions that people pretty much hate. Today it was announced that Vikings player Adrian Peterson is suspended for the remainder of the season because he “showed no meaningful remorse” for beating his son.

Peterson sidestepped jail in what he says was him merely disciplining the child with a switch, yet Goodell believes he should be doing more. Unfortunately, the knee-jerk reaction isn’t sitting well with a lot of people.

From NFL fans to news outlets, Goodell’s reputation has taken yet another hit in his attempts to clean up the mess leftover by his initial punishment of Ray Rice, and reports that he knew that the 27-year-old running back knocked his now wife unconscious earlier this year and did little about it until a video surfaced (Goodell denies prior knowledge of the domestic abuse).

Regardless of how he tries to inflict fair punishments across the board, the fact of the matter is that every situation can’t be painted with the same brush. As such, the Twitterverse has ordered up a fade for Goodell, so that maybe he can get his head together.

Check some of the reactions in the gallery.




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