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Winter has reportedly hit Buffalo, New York early and it’s hit hard. The upper region of the Empire State has already documented 5 1/2 feet of snow in the suburb of Cheektowaga, New York. Last night (November 19) proved to be an ultimate litmus test for what will be expectantly be a long, harsh dose of freezing conditions.

After a giant blizzard wrapped inside of a snowstorm taco shut down most of the city, people were uncertain when–and if–they would be rescued or at least become blessed with food and water. Much to the nearby Toronto’s Global News surprise and delight, several heroic citizens braved through the storm and raided a sidelined Doritos truck to greatly increase the survival rate. While Doritos is already damn near the best chips on the market, the tangy nacho cheese snacks must have tasted like manna from the heavens above for the poor saps who were snowed in.

Facebook poster Angela Oestereich had a different perception of the spectacle through her eyes typing “Just some people casually robbing the Doritos truck on Seneca street. How typical,” on her social media news feed. Her Facebook friends also seemed to agree.

At any rate, no deaths or cold weather casualties were reported so cheers to the Doritos man for parking at the right space to make it all possible. The multiple Doritos Twitter accounts are missing out on an opportunity to turn this into a trending topic, however.

Pictures of the Doritos truck Robin Hood caper can be found in the gallery below.

Photos: Facebook/Angela Oestereich

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