The SOLID BLACK campaign is a new initiative introduced by Doritos to boost innovative and trailblazing voices from the Black community, starting with honoring seven figures with monetary grants to continue their work.

As MC Shan once said, “They used to do it out in the park.” It is no longer done just in the park anymore though—the sound that was birthed in the Bronx, which many expected to have a shorter shelf life than milk, has become a global juggernaut, in cahoots with huge companies out to show […]

Winter has reportedly hit Buffalo, New York early and it’s hit hard. The upper region of the Empire State has already documented 5 1/2 feet of snow in the suburb of Cheektowaga, New York. Last night (November 19) proved to be an ultimate litmus test for what will be expectantly be a long, harsh dose […]

As everyone gears up for SXSW we’re all wondering whose show will stand out the most. Doritos might be giving everybody a run for their money.

Every year, part of the fun of any Super Bowl, unless you are actually in attendance, is watching the commercials. Well except for this year’s Super Bowl XLVII thanks to the superstar theatrics of one Beyoncé. Nevertheless, most of the night’s aforementioned multi-million dollar costing ads fell into the “meh” category, but there are always standouts.