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MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell put on blast the St. Louis County assistant district attorney that aided Darren Wilson in winning his case over the killing of Michael Brown.

In the video clip below, O’Donnell gives Kathy Alizadeh a tongue-lashing for taking weeks to admit to the grand jury in Wilson’s case she made an egregious mistake regarding police officers and their right to use legal force.

As the MSNBC host says, Alizadeh handed the grand jury a copy of a 1979 Missouri statute saying police were “justified in the use of such physical force as he or she reasonably believes is immediately necessary to effect the arrest or prevent the escape from custody.” He then quickly goes on to explain that the Supreme Court found those kinds of statutes to be unconstitutional six years later (1985), which has since been revised it to where it is now illegal, in any case, for a cop to shoot a fleeing suspect.

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