In a surprising turn of events, Q-Tip extended a warm welcome to Lil Wayne has being the newest member of the Zulu Nation right before Thanksgiving. For those not in the know, the Zulu Nation is a longstanding Hip-Hop movement founded by Afrika Bambaataa. Their idealisms have brought forth strong symbolism of Afrocentricity and mottos of “real Hip-Hop” into the culture.

The Tribe Called Quest leading star has been active on the frontlines regarding the Mike Brown support in NYC and his place amongst the storied organization is all but eternal. In a couple of tweets, he revealed to the world that the Young Money general was the newest inductee of the fold, as well as they were the openly accepting email applications.

“@LilTunechi (Lil Wayne’s Twitter name) is now a member of the ZULU NATION! Join us,” he stated. Help me in welcoming @LilTunechi to fold of the Zulus.

Despite the act of solidarity, Lil Wayne’s music or image doesn’t fit the model sculpted by the Zulu Nation, so unsurprisingly there was a bit–O.K. a lot of skepticism following the announcement. The Abstract shot back at the critics with a response that read: “We need all the help we can get these r URGENT times and if folks are HEARTFELT in lending a face a voice a view so be it! Don’t judge.”

Not that the helped but you have to give the man credit for at least offering up some sort of reasoning behind the decision. It is also worth noting that Lil Wayne has yet to acknowledge his inductory Zulu Nation tweets but he did find the time to thank Juicy J for bringing him out at a recent show. Maybe his membership will be felt on his next album, Tha Carter V (if it ever comes out).

Flip through the gallery below to see some of the more passionate reactions following Q-Tip’s Zulu Nation bombshell.

Photos: Maria Fitzsimons, Sebastian Gabsch/Future Image/, Twitter

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