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One of Hip-Hop’s most pioneering and praised figures is being accused of child molestation. Ronald Savage, former member of the New York State Democratic Committee, claims Afrika Bambaataa began sexually abusing him as a young teen.

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Alongside 9th Wonder, Q-Tip is steady building his Zulu Nation roster following the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

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In a surprising turn of events, Q-Tip extended a warm welcome to Lil Wayne has being the newest member of the Zulu Nation right before Thanksgiving. For those not in the know, the Zulu Nation is a longstanding Hip-Hop movement founded by Afrika Bambaataa. Their idealisms have brought forth strong symbolism of Afrocentricity and mottos […]


Last week two of Hip-Hop’s most iconic figures appeared to clash, this after a letter released by the Zulu Nation stated that Kool Herc did create the culture. Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa has addressed the supposed division in a following statement this week, and says his group and Herc are not at odds.

While Hip-Hop’s ‘First-Family’ celebrated 36 years of uniting people globally last month, the culture they established, Hip-Hop, also observed its 35th anniversary.  Although the Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) was established by Afrika Bambaataa in the Bronx during November of 1973, its message of “Peace, Unity, Love & Havin’ Fun!” has since circulated the entire Earth, […]