The Best Fanboy & Hater Reactions From J. Cole’s Album Leak


Jermaine Cole threw the entire Hip-Hop community for a loop when he announced he was releasing an album so close to its release date a couple of weeks ago.

As it always happens when the mastered LP leaves the safe confines of the record label to enter the proper retail channels, the Roc Nation rapper’s third album Forest Hills Drive 2014 has leaked onto the Internet. Seeing that he is one of the more popular MC’s on the planet (i.e. you catch him headlining Power 106’s upcoming annual Cali Christmas show), everybody online had something say about the leak.

J. Cole is one of the most polarized rappers out there; oft-praised for his realness and criticized for his rudimentary lyrics. That division of opinions couldn’t have been more evident from the love/hate reactions the album generated. We over here at Hip-Hop Wired are reserving judgement because y’know, the album technically hasn’t been birthed yet. But we do encourage you to support it on iTunes if the leak goes on to get plenty of burn from you and yours.

But for now, check out the hilarious reactions spawned from J. Cole’s album leak. Starting with this doozy…


Photo: Ani Caribbean/Power 106

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