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Jay Z quietly celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday but just as the clock begin to tick away towards the first day of his new year, the Internets creeped in to wish him well. In the most cynical way possible.

The Jiggaman may have coasted on a few of his latest records, but pound-for-pound, not too many rappers (if any) can claim to a better career; commerically and critically. Thing is, he never fails to remind listeners of his superhero status, thus the hashtag #LameJayZBrags was born.

As usual, you can blame Midnight’s late night Twitter show for bringing out the everyday comedian in the social media night owls. From his various vacations to his open-ended punchlines to his physical appearance, no slanderous stone was left unturned. The man has an estimated net worth of thriving small country and appears very happy married to Beyoncé, but the people couldn’t give any of the letters in “f*ck” to keep from participating here.

Check out the best of the worst Jay Z birthday salute of all-time in the gallery below. We sifted through plenty of corny ones so hopefully you won’t have to go through that online your search yourself. See what we did there? #LameJayZBrags.

Photos: Twitter

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