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Derrick Rose isn’t much for words and he’s just made one of the biggest headlines of his career without uttering one syllable.

During the pre-game warmups for tonight’s match-up against the Golden State Warriors, the Chicago Bulls star was spotted wearing a shirt that read “I Can’t Breathe.” It was a direct tribute to Eric Garner, the man whose police death was ruled a homicide, yet a Staten Island grand jury couldn’t convene to indict the guilty officer on any charges.

Although it is not confirmed what prompted Rose’s decision to make a statement, the move comes a day after Magic Johnson urged all of the NBA’s stars to be more social within their communities.

“They have to get involved socially,” the Hall of Famer told ESPN, yesterday December 5. “They have to because it affects them, too. And it affects their families. They grew up in these situations; they must not forget that. They [were] once poor, they went to inner-city schools that didn’t have technology or computers, they didn’t have good books. See, I went through that whole situation. They went through that as well. A lot of their cousins are still going through that, so they must not forget that. I hope that they would do more.”

The outrage over the grand jury’s decision has spread full circle from NYC to Hollywood , and even in current rap videos.

Flip through the gallery below to see the various angles of the Derrick Rose I Can’t Breathe protest shirt.

Photo: NBA TV

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