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The District Attorney of New Jersey is concluding that a 7-year-old girl reportedly gang raped in the city’s Rowan Towers apartments had no traces of DNA on her after her alleged attack by at least seven men.

Preliminary testing suggests that no traces of semen were found on the child but prosecutors are confident that the girl had injuries consistent with sexual assault.

As previously reported, the 7-year-old was allegedly sexually violated after being sold into prostitution by her sister at a nighttime party in an apartment.

Her 15-year-old sister also reportedly had sex for money and is facing charges of promoting prostitution.

Two men and three teenage boys were arrested in connection with the crime including 19-year-old Timear Lewis and 20-year-old Gregory Joseph Leary who reportedly had sex with the 15-year-old child after she lied and said she was 18.

Soon after their arrest, the stepfather of the girl spoke out in defense of Leary and Lewis saying that they tried to help but were held back at gun point as men took turns having sex with her.

Attorney Robin Lord who represents Gregory Leary released a statement defending her client saying,

She was not raped, was not gang-raped. I’m 100 percent certain that the 7-year-old was not sexually assaulted. The allegations will not be substantiated by any forensic evidence.”

The lack of DNA does not mean that the case will not move forward, a number of sexual assault cases are tried in New Jersey despite the “benefit” of DNA evidence.

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