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Jeremih needs to chill. You’d think that the crooner would be on his best behavior after tearing down a Fuddruckers, but he and a two members of his entourage were busted at Newark Airport on Friday.

New York Post‘s Page 6 Reports:

The Chicago-born rapper, whose real name is Jeremy Felton, 27, and his pals pulled the pea-brained stunt about 1:45 p.m. at gate 37 in terminal A, as a US Air flight to Phoenix was just seconds from takeoff, the sources said.

The rapper, who performs for Def Jam Records, and four friends had already been screened at a Transportation Safety Administration checkpoint, and two of the five boarded the plane on time.

But Jeremih and two other pals somehow missed the boarding call, they said.

So one of his friends who had already passed through the jetway – the movable ramp linking the terminal to the plane – opened the jetway door so the tardy trio could sneak on, the sources said.

Jeremih – whose most recent album is 2012’s “All About You” – was charged with obstruction of the administration of law and disorderly conduct.

Pal Adam Woods, 27, of Illinois, faces the same charge while Dontate Cunningham, 26, of Maryland, was charged with trespassing.

You had one job, Jeremih. The singer-songwriter and company could also be fined if the FAA concludes if their actions caused the flight to be delayed.

Photo: Instagram