Iggy Azalea put her love for Swaggy P on full PDA mode with her Christmas present in the form of a brand new car.

The ride was so dope, it even prompted a response from her not-so-friendly foe Snoop Dogg.

Via TMZ:

If Christmas is a battlefield … Nick Young is France — ’cause he just surrendered in the war for the best Xmas gift after his GF Iggy Azalea hooked him up with a sick classic car.

The Lakers star was rollin’ around L.A. in his brand new ’62 Chevy Impala — which Iggy delivered to him outside the Lakers facility Monday — when we asked if it was even possible to top Iggy’s gift.

The short answer … no … and Nick knows it — admitting that she “won” the holiday gift exchange this year.

Nick Young said he felt like “Westside Connection” after he got his new ’62 Impala. But according to Snoop Dogg … Nick’s missing one VERY important part of a true “Westside” whip — HYDRAULICS!

Everyone knows Snoop has a thing for classic cars — he owns a grip including a few Impalas of his own.

We’re told Snoop thinks Nick’s new ride is “tight” — but the rapper is telling friends that “real Westside riders” can make their rides jump like Kris Kross.

One source close to the rapper says Snoop put it this way … “He ain’t really Westsidin’ because he can’t hit no SWITCHES!”

But get this … we’re told Snoop wants to connect Young with a famous L.A.-based lowrider crew that can make Nick’s ride bounce like a check from Wesley Snipes.

No word if Young will accept the offer — but we’ll stay on it.

Scroll the picture gallery below to see flicks of the sweet new ride.

Photos: TMZ, Instagram/Swaggy P

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