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Sports are known to ignite some heated arguments but one man in California set a new precedence after he drove 35 minutes to fight a Kobe Bryant hater.

The crazy Twitter squabble occurred on Christmas of all days when the Los Angeles Lakers were getting their backs blown out by the Chicago Bulls on their home floor. Bryant was inactive for the game, as he’s been nursing the type of injuries athletes get when retirement denial is affecting the brain’s ability to function properly.

It all began when Sports Twitter resident Snottie Drippen retweeted a tweet from user MyTweetsRealAF that suggested the Oklahoma Thunder were just as lousy as the Lakers when their leader Kevin Durant doesn’t suit up. After not liking the way conversation was going, MyTweetsRealAF decided a beatdown was necessary and actually set up a fight location of Temecula, Ca at Gold’s Gym to settle the store.

Snottie Drippen agreed to the fight but later revealed that he was actually in Arizona at his mother’s house for the holidays so the fight wasn’t meant to be in the first place.

Since Christmas, the news of the Twitter exchange has went viral in the sports world, with Drippen being perceived as a coward and MyTweetsRealAF having a mixed public opinion that ranges from being ridiculous to living out his Twitter handle.

Flip through the gallery to see the unbelievable time of the fight that never manifested but was just as good as the real thing.

Photo: Twitter

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