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2014 was an incredibly turbulent year for video games, what with #GamerGate, the Xbox One v. PlayStation 4 console wars, and competition between brand-new IPs.

As we close the first real year of “current-gen” video games, those who were able to get their hands on titles through Steam, PC, mobile, tablet or otherwise can attest to just how much of a tipping point games had in the popular consciousness. With game developers all sensing how important indie is to the bottom line, studios are taking chances on original content in lieu the big, blockbuster triple-A title.

2015 marks a new epoch in gaming that will find celebrities joining titles (see: Norman Reedus and Kiefer Sutherland) to stretch their acting range; more connectivity between mobile and your console; and some incredibly looking games. But even with all these waves of change coming to us from all over, the top games of this year have kept us in tune and in love with our favorite hobby: the indubitible experience of conquering which these video games offer.

In this post, Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at what was the best video games to play in 2014. Debate us if you dare in the comments section below!

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