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“Music wise I do feel like I’m a prophet status and at the God status….I just wanted my point across and I wanted to be a little bratty attention a** Slore.”

Lil B has been one of the Internets biggest superstars this year for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s making controversial videos comparing himself to Jesus or getting sucker punched in the face, if you are on the internet daily than it is impossible for you to not of heard about him. However, was that Lil B’s plans all along?

As a member of the bay-area group The Pack, it seems that B has all of a sudden became one of the Internets most hated or loved rising emcees. Already signing with Soulja Boy’s SOD Money Gang and working on a collaboration mixtape, Lil B in this audio interview speaks on why he calls himself a god, what he and Soulja Boy are working on, and what was the purpose of the “Look Like Jesus” video.