Chris Brown Ft. Soulja Boy – “Bad” Listen To More Wired Tracks Here

Soulja Boy and his S.O.D. Money Gang brand are the latest in Hip-Hop to face a lawsuit. The 20-year-old rapper is being sued by a designer for copyright claims to a particular phrase used on a line of clothing. According to designer Clement Brown Jr., the owner of Laundry Money Clothing, Soulja Boy, Arab, JBar […]

California bred group The Pack burst onto the mainstream in 2006 with their breakout hit “Vans” which not only ushered in a movement of dance called “jerkin,” but also ushered in the infamous skinny jean movement that is all the rage amongst the youth and some adults (which is a no-no for those over 25). […]

“Music wise I do feel like I’m a prophet status and at the God status….I just wanted my point across and I wanted to be a little bratty attention a** Slore.” Lil B has been one of the Internets biggest superstars this year for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s making controversial videos comparing himself […]

Soulja Boy’s preparing to perform Saturday at the BET awards in Atlanta and has been active on Twitter asking his fans to vote for the song he should perform. Now just a day before the main event he’s making headlines for being arrested. Although it’s been kept under wraps, Soulja Boy was arrested