Look, guns in the hood are bad. So it’s a safe bet to say rocket launchers in the hood are exponentially worse. Yes, NYPD found a rocket launcher in a Bushwick, Brooklyn home during a gun and drug raid. 

Reports Eyewitness News:

The weapon was seized by the NYPD from a home on Knickerbocker Avenue in the Bushwick section. Initially, authorities said the weapon was operational, but it is actually inert.

Investigators have charged 41-year-old Juan Garcia with criminal possession of a weapon, for possession of brass knuckles. But he will not face charges in connection with the launcher, because of the inert classification.

Authorities say an investigation that started in the Bronx led police to Garcia’s address in Brooklyn.

Officials say the rocket is pre-packaged and built into the weapon, so once it is fired, it cannot be reloaded. The recovered weapon had already been fired.

The rocket launcher is currently at the 83rd precinct in Bushwick.

So did the rocket launcher have sentimental value? Did he point it at anyone trying to creep up on him as a warning?

Either way, bruh…

Photo: NYPD

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